Za.Ve.Ro: Needle Valves

ZA.VE.RO. S.r.l. (Italy) is a leading manufacturer of ball valves, needle valves and check valves with flanged and threaded or welded ends. <Learn more about Za.Ve.Ro>

Flanged Needle Valves - Article 105

Flanged Needle Valve in accordance with UNI - DIN - ANSI. Available in carbon steel and stainless steel with at request stellited seat. Maximum operating temperature 250°C / 482°F.

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Screwed and Socket Weld Needle Valve - Article 100/120

Needle valve available up to Class API 3000 and DN 4".
Maximum operating temperature is 180°C / 356°F. Article 120 has 90° angle connections. Available in carbon steel and stainless steel

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Needle Valves Type Monoblock - Article 130

Similar to Article 100; the difference is that the bonnet is fixed to the body of the valve by welding and machining, making the Monoblock type. Available from Class 800 to 10000 with a maximum operating temperature of 250°C/482°F. Optional: stellited seat and bleed screw.

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Gauge Baerer Needle Valves

Performance similiar to Article 100 Needle Valve, but gauge baerer type with manometer flange and bleed screw. Available in carbon steel and stainless steel DN 1/2" class API 3000

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