Za.Ve.Ro: Cryogenic Ball Valves

ZA.VE.RO. S.r.l. (Italy) is a leading manufacturer of ball valves, needle valves and check valves with flanged and threaded or welded ends. <Learn more about Za.Ve.Ro>

Cryogenic Ball Valves for low temperatures - Article 75-85

Floating and trunnion cryogenic ball valves made with the same construction of normal valves but with lip-seals and kel-f seats. Cryogenic stem extensions are always in contact with the liquid or gas via a hole between the stem and the ball.

Available from Dn 1/2" to 24" ANSI 150 to 2500.

Testing with Nitrogen and Helium done in-house with bigger valves tested in a specialized laboratory. The minimum temperature of use tested is -190°C.

Floating Cryogenic Ball Valves with Screwed or Socket Ends - Article 165

Fully welded valves with integral nipples and cryogenic stem extension. Available from DN 1/2" to 1"1/2 and from class 800 to 6000 psi. The seats should be kel-f or vespel material F316/F316L or F304/F304L due to use.

Fully tested to -150°C